Gait Analysis

Know everything there is to know about how your horse is built!

Do you have a horse that is constantly going sore/ lame unexplainably?

Then our Gait Analysis could have the answers you need!

Every inch of your horse is measured and analysed to give a clear indication on conformational faults that cause movement issues, flexion issues and reasons for soreness and lameness. 

A full comprehensive report is completed by Shay. 

A gait analysis gives a clear indication on areas of your horses body that needs attention or treatment. It also gives you a heads-up on areas & joints that have a lot of pressure, stress & strain. This allows the owner or trainer to effectively treat these areas and prevent long term tears, damage & break down. 

After Care

Now that you have your report, what do you do with it?!

We take the hard work out of it for you by creating a personalised "After Care" program for your horse. 

This includes a variety of stretches, exercises as well as a treatment plan to get your horse back on track ASAP! 


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